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Wondering about the Wonder Lab? Check out our frequently asked questions to get some answers!

  • Is there a limit to how many adults can come with a child?
    We don’t have a specific adult-to-child maximum. However, we do ask that you please be mindful that we have a max capacity of 48 people in the play space, which is enough for each child to have 2 adults with them.
  • What is your max capacity?
    We cap our play space at 16 kids at any given time. Depending on the total number of people in the play space we can sometimes stretch that to include 1 or 2 more children. The main purpose of this cap is to ensure that children have enough space to move around, have fun, and play safely.
  • What is included with an open play session?
    An open play session gives you full access to our play space, snack room, and calm room for 90-minutes. It also includes free hot tea & coffee for grown ups! Additionally, we have snacks and drinks for sale in case you need to refuel.
  • Does my 90-minute time begin when I get there or at the booking time?
    Your open play reservation starts when the booking time starts, regardless of when you arrive. If you know you’ll be late, please give us a call prior to your reservation start time. We can usually move your booking time later depending on availability.
  • What if my child keeps taking off their socks?
    We understand that some children have a hard time keeping their socks on. In order to keep the play space as hygienic as possible for our littlest learners, we do ask that everyone wears socks or shoe covers, so please encourage your child to keep their socks on at all times. Some families have found that putting their children in tights or a one-piece outfit with covered feet is a good solution to this problem!
  • Are masks required in the play space?
    Masks are not required in the play space but they are welcome! We also have adult-size and child-size disposable masks available free of charge in the lobby. We do run two HEPA air purifiers at all times to help keep our space as safe as possible.
  • Do I have to book ahead of time for open play or can I just walk in?
    We strongly encourage everyone to book an open play slot ahead of time through our website. We do accept walk-ins if we have availability but our space can fill up quickly. We hate turning guests away so avoid the uncertainty and book your slot online! You can also give us a call at 919-213-8527 to find out if we have walk-in availability on a given day.
  • What ages are a good fit for you play space? Will my child have enough to do to fill 90 minutes?
    We designed our play space for ages 6 months to 6 years, and there are lots of activities for kids in that age range to do! Our space is great for crawlers (lots of toys on low shelves for kids to access, soft building blocks, animal puppets, etc.), toddlers (kid-height tables and chairs, blocks and cars to build with, and our rainbow pegboard is always a hit with this age group), and preschoolers/ early elementary age kids (this group does a lot of imaginative play in our forest room, climbing on our wooden climbing structures, and playing with our robots and touchscreen). Please feel free to read through our reviews on Google to see what customers have said about our play space!
  • Do you change the toys in the play space or are they always the same?
    We refresh the play space toys and features on a seasonal basis. Some of the larger features (i.e. wind tunnel, touchscreen, light table) are more permanent. Be sure to follow us on Instagram to see our latest play space updates!
  • How often are the toys sanitized?
    We sanitize all our toys and equipment regularly with Force of Nature, a medical-grade disinfectant registered for use in hospitals, daycares, schools & more. This sanitizer and disinfectant kills 99.9% of germs, mold, and mildew and is on the EPA’s approved lists for COVID-19 & m-pox virus. It also kills respiratory & influenza viruses. This sanitizer is non-toxic and safe for all ages. To learn more about our cleaner, visit Force of Nature's website.
  • Do you offer memberships?
    We currently do not offer memberships but we do offer Open Play package plans at a deep discount. We encourage you to check them out if you have multiple children or plan on visiting several times! These packages can now be used to book open play both on weekdays and the weekend.
  • Can I bring my stroller with me?
    You are welcome to bring strollers into the play space. We do ask that you are mindful of where you park your stroller as our play space can get tight with kiddos running around!
  • Do I have to take my shoes off even if I’m not playing?
    You may keep shoes on in our lobby area but we require all guests to wear socks in the play space in order to keep it as clean and safe as possible. You can also use our free disposable shoe covers if you would like to keep your shoes on. We do make exceptions for medical needs such as leg braces that only work with shoes.
  • Is there a changing station?
    Yes! Our bathroom features a standard diaper changing station and dedicated diaper waste basket. We also provide backup supplies such as diapers, wipes, and fresh clothes if something was forgotten or there is an unexpected emergency!
  • Is there a private baby feeding room available?
    Our calm room is a great place to feed baby in privacy. Just remember to slide the sign on the door from “Vacant” to “Occupied”. We are a breastfeeding friendly facility and you are welcome to breastfeed or chestfeed your child wherever you feel comfortable.
  • How accessible is your space?
    We are committed to ensuring our space is inclusive for all. Our facilities are completely wheelchair accessible, and we have one dedicated accessible parking spot in front of our building. For a visual tour of our space, check out the video on our accessibility page.
  • Can we eat and/or drink in the play space?
    Water is always allowed and adults are free to have other drinks with lids in the play space. However, we ask that all food and snacks are kept in our party room to keep our play space clean and contain the crumbs!
  • Do you sell food or drinks?
    Yes! We have lots of snacks, pouches, and drinks available for sale. Just ask a staff member for assistance!
  • What is included with the space reservation?
    Our birthday party space reservation includes 2-hour exclusive use of our play space and party room for you and your guests. One of our staff members will serve as your party host to assist you and check in all guests. We also take care of the clean up and trash disposal!
  • Can I bring my own food and drinks?
    Yes! You are welcome to bring food and drinks, as well as decorations for the party room. We also offer birthday add-ons if you would like for us to take care of all the food and beverages. All you have to do is show up!
  • Do I need to bring my own decorations?
    You can bring your own decorations if you would like but it is not required. The party room is pre-decorated with permanent balloons, a happy birthday garland, a happy birthday banner, and colorful paper lanterns hung across the room. Please keep in mind that our parties are limited to 2 hour slots so the more decorations you bring, the more setup and clean up time you will need. Our staff can also assist with clean up and disposal of decorations.
  • What time should I tell my guests to arrive?
    All guests are welcome to enter the space at the start of your party reservation time.
  • Can I get there early to set up?
    Yes! Birthday families can access the space 15-minutes before the party’s start time. Our staff can also assist with setting up before your guests arrive. Once your guests start arriving, our staff member(s) have to move to the lobby to ensure everyone signs our liability waiver and is oriented to our space.
  • What is your refund policy for classes?
    If you notify us of your cancellation at least 24 hours before your class begins, we can send you a credit for the full class amount so that you can reschedule another time. Cancellations less than 24 in advance are ineligible for a credit or reschedule unless you hold a class package. Class package holders can cancel any time prior to the start of the class for a full credit. No-shows and cancellations after the class start time are not eligible for a refund or a credit.
  • How old do children need to be for your classes?
    Each class is designed for a designated age group as identified in the class description. If your child is outside of that age range but you would still like to attend, please email to ask about suitability.
  • Do classes include open play?
    Yes! All of our classes include both guided instruction time and open play time. Please refer to the class description for the time allotment for each.
  • How many adults can attend the class with the child?
    You may bring additional adults to our classes but we do ask that you are mindful of the space so that all the children have room to play. If you bring more than two adults, some may need to stay in the play space during class.
  • What are your classes like?
    All of our classes begin with open play to give families time to arrive and kids an opportunity to settle into the space. After this warm-up period, we will call class participants into our party room to begin the guided portion of the class. Our classes involve a short circle time with a developmentally-appropriate read aloud before jumping into hands-on STEM play! Classes end with more open play time to give kids & families an opportunity to continue building connections made in class. Please check out our classes highlights on our Instagram profile to see some action shots from our classes.

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